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Colin Bain
 Was awarded the prestigious Deneys Zeederberg Memorial Award for 2002 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Quality in South Africa by the SA Quality Society and SA Quality Institute. Those contributions included periods as Director for these two main Quality Organizations and also the Auditing body SAATCA.
Skills are available for consulting and training workshop assignments. 

Formal Qualifications include :

Certificate of Competency Electrical Engineer No. 837 ( 1979 )

Certificate of Competency Mechanical Engineer No. 1941 ( 1985 )

Certificated Quality Engineer ( ASQA USA ) ( 1980 )

National Higher Diploma in Quality Control (Pretoria SA) ( 1982 )

Damelin Business Management Diploma

Certificated Senior Safety, Occupational Health & Environmental Auditor SAATCA

Lead Auditor ISO 9001 from Quality Strategies International ( QSI ) ( 2005 )

Certificated ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18000 Auditor ( DQS ) ( 2005 )


Significant employment history includes :-

Defy Industries Quality Manager for 6 years.

Quality Manager and Lead Auditor for NOSA for over 5 years.

GEC 3 years each Production and Manufacturing Manager.

Cadac Industries Works Director for 8 years. 


I have audited SHE and Risk systems for over 200 different companies in the last 5 years across 5 countries.

These companies are spread across the full spectrum from Food, Chemical and Steel Processing and Manufacturing industries categories and include reviews of the full range of risk assessments applicable to such companies.


I have taught, consulted on, implemented and audited the whole range

of Safety Health, Quality and Environmental legislations and Production Techniques.


Quality Management :-  

Control Systems and procedures auditing & design to ISO 9001


I became Group Quality Manager of Defy Industries in 1974

and have been associated with the Quality field since then.

As refreshers I attended the ISO 14001 course in 2003 and attended & passed the Internal Auditors course in 2004

 and recently passed the lead Auditor courses on ISO 9001 2000.   


I have designed implemented and run operationally,

a wide range of management Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions and systems.


SA Business Excellence Model;

I was an original member of the SA Business Excellence Model working committee

over the period 1997 to 1998 now renamed the “South African Excellence Foundation ‘ award.


I have a motivated and lateral thinking approach which is refined through a number of courses

 and years of use of analytical processes which assist me in identifying and addressing the SHREQ risks

 with the various businesses I have been involved with.


I have studied creative thinking and problem solving which greatly assists

in the complete identification of problem & system failures & recognise that this usually assists the finding of solutions.


Having been an in line senior manager most of my formal career I am used to

searching for & finding working practical SOLUTIONS.


This depth of practical & managerial experience is not generally available in the SHREQ business


Good communications with and involvement of the line management in the search for solutions

helps to develop and build team spirit.

Experienced in the following Industries

Iron & Steel including Coke making

Metal Processing, Production of Metal Products

Electrical Industry

Chemical Industry

Rubber Industry

Consumer Goods

Beverage Industry


I would like the opportunity to assist your company obtain added value

from your SHREQ systems

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